How to Set up Git in 3 Steps

How to Set up Git in 3 Steps

Set up Git on ANY Debian-based Linux Distro

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ยทFeb 18, 2023
  • Download Git by running the following command on your terminal:
$ sudo apt-get install git

To confirm whether your download was successful, run:

$ git --version

Here's the output I got on my PC:

$ git config --global "Your-GitHub_userName"

To confirm that you have set the Git username correctly, run:

$ git config --global

On my PC, the result was:

  • Set your commit email address. This is the email address that'll be used to author commits in every repository on your computer your PC and on GitHub. This email address will be added to Git. Run the following command:
$ git config --global ""

Confirm that you have set the email address correctly:

$ git config --global

NB: You also need to add your email address to your GitHub account.


  1. Download Git

  2. Set your username

  3. Set your commit email address